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Choose from a monster selection of fully automatic weapons at Executive Outdoor Adventures

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Executive Outdoor Adventures is Texas’s ultimate firearm experience. Choose from over 130 fully automatic machine guns, including belt fed, shoulder fire, and magazine fed weapons. Of course you are more than welcome to bring your own weapons and ammo, but you are certainly not required.

Our staff is comprised of highly skilled and accomplished military operators and specialists. We offer heart-racing challenges, and provide all of the instruction you need to hone your shooting skills, sharpen awareness and (most importantly) … have a great time.

Courses vary from basic range skills to specialized close quarters combat courses and sniper challenges. For those looking to push the envelope even further, we have an operator’s course incorporating tactical helicopters, stationary and moving reactive targets, explosives and much, much more.

Executive Outdoor Adventures has everything from pistols and combat rifles to machine guns and sniper rifles. Take your pick. We’ll teach you how to shoot it. 

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  • Dan Sullivan

Andy and his team ensured that we had a great day of hunting. I saw literally hundreds of hogs and many coyotes. The helicopter and pilot were great, always ensuring that we were able to get the right shots. I highly recommend this experience for anyone.

  • B. Melick

Just a short drive from the fringes of the DFW metroplex leads you into another world of hunting and shooting adventure and excitement... Andy offers a truly unique, world class experience with select fire weapons, binary reactive targets, image intensification, infrared laser designators / illuminators, thermal riflescopes, offroad vehicles, rotary wing with experienced pilots, guest lodges, long range precision rifle shooting... all in the quest to rid the Lone Star State of feral hogs, coyotes, bobcats, and trophy whitetail deer.

  • Everett Shaw

Would like to thank Executive Outdoors for a great hog hunt Friday. Was able to get big group of pigs and some coyotes. It was a lot of fun can't wait to do it again.